Namibia’s must visit attractions


You will encounter gemsbok and springbok amongst the dunes, but the main purpose of your visit to Sossusvlei is to appreciate the stark beauty of the landscapes, which you can do by walking up to the top of some of the dunes, walking to the spectacular Deadvlei or by taking a hot air balloon flight.


Sandwiched between Atlantic rollers and the Namib Desert, Swakopmund is one of those great traveller way stations along the African road. At once Namibia’s adventure capital and a surreal colonial remnant, its a launch pad for an exploration of the Skeleton Coast and Namib Desert.

Skeleton Coast

The so called Skeleton Coast is a 40 km wide and 500 km long coastal stretch in Namibia, a hostile but fascinating area. Here the cold and unpredictable Benguela Current of the Atlantic Ocean clashes with the dune and desert landscape of north-western Namibia. The world’s largest ship cemetery.


From the glorious rock formations of Spitzkoppe, Erongo and the Brandberg in the south to the equally glorious red-rock, wild-desert mountains around Palmwag in the north, Damaraland is one of Namibia’s most dramatic collections of landscapes. Hidden in the rocky clefts is Twyfelfontein.

Etosha National Park

It may look barren, but the landscape surrounding the pan is home to 114 mammal species as well as 340 bird species, 16 reptiles and amphibians. The best way to see Etosha’s animals is to be at the waterhole and wait for the lions and elephants turn up for an afternoon drink.