Kruger Park, South Africa

Classic Safari Lodge


US$ 1205

Why you will love it

Unique features

Fantastic choice of you are looking for a more affordable luxury safari lodge in the Kruger National Park

Intimate lodge with only 12 individual thatched rooms

If travelling with family make sure to book into Fitzpatrick’s lodge at Jock

Activities at the lodge include game walks, bird watching, stargazing

Highly experienced rangers in the legendary Kruger National Park

Kiddies safari club is available for guest travelling with the little ones

All suites are air-conditioned and have an outside shower

Jock Safari Lodge – Legendary Experiences in the Kruger National Park!

Jock Safari Lodge is nestled where the Mitomeni and Biyamiti rivers flow as one, situated in the south-western corner of the Kruger National Park. The lodge offers 6,000 hectares of exclusive traversing rights in an area of the park which is celebrated for the Big Five game viewing.

Jock Safari Lodge is carefully screened by lush trees and reed walls, the 12 individual thatched rooms at Jock Safari Lodge, impart a sense of aloneness and oneness with the landscape.

Morning and evening game drives are performed in covered 4×4 Landrovers conducted by highly experienced rangers in the legendary Kruger National Park.

Other activities include game walks, bird watching, stargazing, visits to rock art sites and spa treatments at the Prilgrims Rest Relaxation Retreat.

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